Second Integration Test…coming soon!

Time for our preparations for Milestone 2 in the UAVForge competition!

Our second integration test is due to take place this weekend up in Boston. Our team will once again come together (we live in 4 different states) to share in the ups and downs that take place during testing!

Currently, we are building 2 vehicles in parallel: a “foamie” and the full model. The foamie is our test platform for verifying forward flight and testing the autopilot on a more forgiving platform. See the gallery below for current pics of our foamie model.


Our 2nd model is being built as the full performace vehicle for the Milestone 2 video. It will be used to verify not only hover, transition, and forward flight, but will also serve as a validation of our manufacturing methods. This also includes the layups for the fiberglass body and structure. Check out the new Composite Tutorial page under the Photos section of our site. We’ll be uploading some helpful tips and videos for anyone looking to do smaller layups in a confined space. See the gallery below for the most recent updates on the construction.



First full flight to come this weekend! Keep checking for new flight videos and pictures!


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2 Responses to Second Integration Test…coming soon!

  1. Amanda Mok says:

    teehee, i recognize those plaid shorts!

  2. Jeff Picard says:

    Good luck this weekend on your Second Integration test!