Live Demo Attempt 1

Our team’s primary time slot for Milestone 3, the live demo, was today at 8:30AM. We were very excited to show off our plane to the competition officials, but concerned that the weather wouldn’t let us, as rain was forecast at 9AM.

We arrived at the field at 7:45 and began our setup. There was a mild drizzle, but we were confident that we’d be able to complete the demo if it didn’t get any worse. After setting up, we did a practice run to make sure everything was working (video to be posted after all demos are complete). We were pleased with our performance and then waited for our assigned time slot.

Unfortunately, as soon as our slot came up the rain started to pick up. We were able to accomplish some of the tasks from the provided script, but the increased rain impacted both our VTOL/hover capability and wireless communications; we had to call off the demo.

Our backup time slot is tomorrow at 8AM. We’ll be sure to summarize how it went when we finish. In the meantime, wish us luck and good weather!

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