Milestone 3 Live Demo!

Milestone 3 Video Submission

It has been an exciting week, and we’re proud to say we’ve successfully completed our submission for Milestone 3! Full story is below, but we do want to remind you to take a look at our submission on the UAVForge site, and if you like what you see, please login and vote!

Milestone 3 Video

Since we were rained out on Wednesday, our backup slot was on Thursday morning at 8am. We arrived at the field at 7:15am to do some warm-up tests and make sure everything was up to par. All was well until about 15 minutes before our scheduled slot when we crashed the vehicle and broke off the rear ducted fan. Fortunately, our robust design and resourceful operators enabled us to make some quick field repairs and get back in the air in time for the demo.

At 8:00am, we connected with the DARPA staff. We recapped our system and displayed our test setup and ground station.  We were then asked to complete the following flight tasks:

1) Perform a vertical takeoff and hover approximately 10 feet in front of the pilot

2) Ascend approximately 10 feet vertically and hold position.

3) Descend approximately 10 feet back to the original hover position and hold position.

4) Fly in a circle with an approximate 20 foot radius and return to the original hover position.

5) Return to base and land.

Given the nature of the script and our setup, we completed each of these tasks in our “hover mode”, taking off from and landing on a table we set up in the field. Other than a slightly rough landing, our vehicle completed each of these maneuvers very successfully, and we submitted the video footage [The raw video footage is no longer available on UAVForge. -Justine, May 2013] as requested to the DARPA staff.

Next Stage: Voting!

Now, we’ve nearly reached the end of Milestone 3. It’s been a long journey, and we’re very happy to have made it this far, but we need your help! Voting is now open for the video submission, and we encourage you to  on the UAVForge website [Original link to our video on UAVForge is no longer active. -Justine, May 2013]. If you like what you see, vote for us! We’re aiming to make the top 10 and compete in the fly-off competition in May.

If you login, you can vote at our video: (Note: Voting closes on 3/8.)
Milestone 3 Video [Voting is no longer available. -Justine, May 2013]

We would also like to acknowledge that a lot of teams in the UAVForge competition have worked hard to get to this point, and there’s a variety of solutions to this complicated problem, so do check them all out and place meaningful votes for all of the teams.  (More meaningful votes for all teams are actually weighed higher!)   We are certainly in an exciting time for designing UAVs!

Until next time!

– Jason
co-Designer, co-Builder, and RC pilot

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