Fly-off Travel Cancelled

It is with heavy hearts that we must announce we are dropping out of the UAVForge fly-off competition.
A number of factors, including testing damage to the vehicle we presented at the live video demo, necessitated that we build another vehicle for the fly-off. Unfortunately, a variety of problems arose with this new vehicle during testing and we were unable to fix them in the short time between vehicle completion and leaving for the fly-off. After a consultation with DARPA, we agreed it would be best to not spend resources to attend a competition we would be unable to meaningfully compete in.
We would like to thank all of our friends, family, and other supporters for their encouragement throughout this whole experience. Particular thanks goes out to all the UAVForge competitors; it was amazing to see the variety of designs and passion for crowd sourced UAVs out there. If UAVForge continues in any form, whether it be as a competition, a place to exchange ideas, or what not, icarusLabs will do its best to remain a part of the community.
Additionally, we will continue troubleshooting our problems (we’ll admit that we’re looking forward to working on a somewhat less compressed schedule). If we make any progress we’ll be sure to share it with the community.
We’ve had a great time in this competition and hope you did too. Best of luck to the teams currently in Georgia and those arriving soon!
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