Previous Projects

We have all participated in a variety of large and small scale projects before starting the UAVForge competition. These projects have given us the skill set required to make a competitive entry in the UAVForge competition.

Go ahead and browse through the following photos and project descriptions to get an idea of where our team’s unique skill set comes from!

Micro Air Vehicle (MAV)

Micro Air Vehicle MIT 62x Project

2 Photos

Jet Engine Competition

Small jet engine build and run-up.

8 Photos

Variable Geometry Wing

Variable Geometry Wing MIT 62x Project Forward to Backward Sweeping Wing

7 Photos

Unified Competition

MIT Aero/Astro RC flight competition- Spring 2007

6 Photos

MIT Senior Project

82x senior lab project. UAV for radar calibration in collaboration with MIT Lincoln Laboratories

9 Photos

Design, Build, Fly

MIT DBF team

5 Photos

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