UAVForge Competition

What is UAVForge?

UAVForge is an initiative co-sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, Atlantic (SSC Atlantic). Teams are assigned the task of designing, fabricating, and demonstrating an unmanned micro aerial vehicle system to complete a specified mission profile. The competition aims to draw on the excitement generated by competition while leveraging the strengths of crowdsourcing to generate unique and vibrant ideas and designs.

The Competition

The goal of the competition is to design and create a small unmanned aerial system capable of completing ISR tasks. The system must be portable enough to be transported and operated by a single person. It must be VTOL-capable. Once airborne, the vehicle must be able to transit to a target location up to 2 miles away. The vehicle will be expected to be able to operate with winds up to 15 mph and to avoid obstacles. Upon reaching the target, the vehicle will need to stay on-station for up to 3 hours and send back a live video stream to the ground station. Additionally, the system should be stealthy to avoid detection. Finally, the system should be easy to manufacture and intuitive to operate.

Competition Timeline

Phase I of the competition consists of three milestones . During this initial phase, teams must:

(1) Submit a concept video (by October 2011)

(2) Demonstrate proof of flight (by December 2011)

(3) Do a live video demo (by January 2012)

During the initial stages, teams are encourage to rate and provide feedback to each other, and crowd rating will be factored into . Elimination of teams occurs at the end of Milestone 3, after which 10 teams will be invited to proceed.

In April 2012, 10 teams will be invited to participate in the competition fly-off, a real-life implementation of the specified mission profile. The winner will receive $100,000, along with a contract to work with a manufacturer to provide 15 units to DARPA.

More information and full mission specifications are available at the competition website:

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