Mission Profile

Our Mission Profile is inspired by the Mission Scenario set by the UAVforge competition that consists of observing suspicious activities in an urban setting beyond the operator’s line of sight.

  1. Takeoff and Climb: The takeoff location and conditions will be determined by UAVforge. The vehicle must takeoff and climb to an altitude below 1,000 feet.
  2. Cruise to Area of Interest:  Using waypoint navigation with obstacle avoidance, the vehicle must navigate to the Area of Interest within 500 feet of the flight corridor specified by UAVforge at an altitude of 5 feet to 1,000 feet above ground level (AGL).
  3. Landing at Surveillance Site: Approaching the Area of Interest, the vehicle will land in a location similar to a rooftop within 100 feet of the items of interest allowing for undetected observations.
  4. Surveillance: The vehicle must transmit 3 hours of photographs and video to the operator in real time.
  5. Takeoff from Surveillance  Site: The vehicle must take off from the surveillance site.
  6. Cruise to Deployment Location: The vehicle must safely navigate back toward the operator.
  7. Communication Link Lost: The vehicle must demonstrate safe operation in case of loss of communication to the ground control station (GCS).
  8. Moving Target Tracking: The vehicle must demonstrate its ability to follow a moving target.

Impacts on Configuration and Sizing

We gleaned as much information from the mission profile as we could to fulfill the requirements. In order to fulfill both the VTOL and 2 mile cruise to the surveillance site, we chose separate propulsion systems to maximize our power efficiency. The pivoting tail rotor was incorporated to provide control in hover. Using a fixed wing design, we decrease power consumption during cruise conditions. The low profile of our vehicle while landed at the surveillance site will provide vehicle stability during recording and decreased visibility. VTOL capabilities will allow our vehicle to return home after a successful mission. With separate systems and significant manufacturing experience, we know that we will be able to meet our first flight deadline in December.

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